Our Communities


When we create communities, it's about much more than providing a place for people to live, work or run a business. Each of our communities is a part of a bigger vision for Lethbridge. This vision is fuelled by our desire to create neighbourhoods that enrich our present lives as well as strengthen the future of our city.

Everything we envision, plan and construct reflects our conviction of making a lasting contribution to the people of our city. We go beyond the ordinary - and so do our communities.

There's a new lifestyle option coming to Lethbridge - and it's called Crossings. Our latest community development located in the heart of west Lethbridge provides opportunity for urban living in combination with suburban neighbourhood charm.  This exciting "city within a city" is designed around the four community pillars of commerce, residential living, knowledge and recreation.

Living in SunRidge closes the gap between good intentions and greener living. Every element of this community is designed to promote sustainability, moving us one step closer to a greener future.

Inspired by the natural beauty of southern Alberta's grasslands, RiverStone is a master-planned community dedicated to timeless architecture and family-inspired amenities.  RiverStone is the most sought-after residential community in Lethbridge, setting a new standard for modern living.


Sherring Business and Industrial Park
With approximately 350 acres of serviced industrial land, Sherring Business and Industrial Park is designed to foster business partnerships and economic growth in our city.  Anchored by Wal-Mart and a major sports field complex, Sherring is the place in Lethbridge for businesses to be, to do and to grow.

Explore our communities and you'll see why - and how - we are leading the way in land development in our city.